Hawaiian Noir

Murder Calls

This Weekend in Mystery

Houston Writers House hosts a crime and punishment weekend Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16 at the Crowne Plaza Houston Galleria. The event kicks off with a murder mystery dinner Friday evening. The keynote speaker Friday evening is Texas Ranger Lieutenant, Wende Wakeman.

Saturday features talks by forensic artist Lois Gibson and A&M forensic entomologist Dr. Adrienne Brundage in the morning. DNA specialist Priscilla A. Hill and developmental editor Monica Shaughnessy will speak in the afternoon, followed by a  panel of crime experts.

Charlie Chan Aphorism

Always harder to make murder secret than for egg to bounce on sidewalk.


Hardboiled Quote::

I don’t like your manner.

—crime reporter Adrienne Fromsett

I’m not selling it.

—private eye Philip Marlowe, Lady In The Lake, 1947

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