Hawaiian Noir

Murder Calls

Coming June 14, 2014 From Five Star Publishing

June 14, 2014
From Five Star PublishingFive Star Publishing, June 2014

The Splintered Paddle

From Five Star Publishing

ISBN:1432828592 (ISBN13: 9781432828592)

To purchase on Amazon: http://bookShow.me/1432828592

Private eye Ava Rome has one calling—to protect the defenseless. To Hawaiians, it’s known as the law of the splintered paddle. The law doesn’t require innocence and neither does Ava.

This dark thriller takes you on a tour of paradise tourists never see.


The Splintered Paddle, now in audio.

You can now listen to The Splintered Paddle read by Julie Hoverson.  Available at Audible.com or Amazon.com.  (The Kindle edition has whisper sync technology so you can read and listen at the same time.) The Splintered Paddle is also available in the iTunes store—go to Audiobooks > Mystery > Mark Troy.

Listen to a sample here:

The Page 69 Test.

What is the page 69 test? Marshall McLuhan suggested that you should choose your reading by turning to page 69 of a book and, if you like it, read it. With that in mind, Marshall Zeringue incorporated The Page 69 Test into his Campaign for the American Reader.

I was pleased that Marshall invited me to put The Splintered Paddle to the page 69 test. Here is the link to the page 69 test of The Splintered Paddle. If you like what you find there, I hope you will read the book.


The Rules


An ebook novella available from Kindle and audiobook available from Audible.

Personal Protection specialist Ava Rome follows three rules: A professional never calls attention to herself or her principal; a professional never leaves her principal; and, the most important rule, a professional never gets involved with her principal. To break the rules is to die.

Ava’s principal, Paul, comes from a family with many enemies. The greatest threat, however, comes not from the outside, but from Ava’s growing desire. In order to save them both, Ava must leave Paul. But Paul does not want her to leave.

ebook ISBN: 978-0-9848081-3-7

The audio version of The Rules is narrated by Julie Hoverson.  You can find it on Amazon or AudibleThe Rules is also available in the iTunes store—go to Audiobooks > Mystery > Mark Troy.

audiobook isbn: 978-0-9848081-4-4




In The Shamus Sampler II, edited by Jochem Vandersteen and available on Kindle.

 This short story finds Ava, on Christmas day, temping as a bartender in a Waikiki bar. Ava doesn’t celebrate Christmas because too many of the people who have left her, have done so on Christmas. Still, she feels badly for those who have to work on Christmas, the waiters and bartenders, in particular, so she offers to take their places on that one day.

 On this particular Christmas, however, she comes to regret that decision when two men in Santa suits come into the bar brandishing guns and proceed to rob the patrons. Ava tries to keep everybody calm in order to avoid bloodshed, but unfortunately, for her and the others, bloodshed is unavoidable.

“IFHC” stands for “I f***ing hate Christmas.” This is not your typical visions-of-sugar-plums-dancing-in-their-heads story. There are bad words and violent acts.

The Shamus Sampler II opens with a must-read essay by Tim Hallinan. It’s followed by other stories that will blow your hat off.

Red Christmas

Red Christmas

An Ava Rome mystery.

IFHC has been given a new title and a new cover and is now available as a stand-alone ebook on Amazon for the Kindle. 





Questions Of Loyalty

When Honolulu Private Eye, Ava Rome, takes on a cold case, the murder of a Buddhist priest in a war relocation camp many years before during World War II, she makes powerful enemies who will kill to keep seven decades of sexual predation secret.

Questions Of Loyalty is a contemporary hardboiled story with a tough-minded female protagonist who carries a lot of personal baggage. Ava Rome has a calling—to protect the defenseless, and a motto— never fucking back down.

Ava does not back down when an attack on her life proves that the cold case is deadly hot and she fights through betrayal to protect an elderly woman, a survivor of the camp, whose memory holds the key to the long-ago crimes. In the end Ava prevails and completes the priest’s mission for which he had been killed so many years before.

Questions Of Loyalty is the second novel in the Ava Rome series. The first novel, The Splintered Paddle, was runner up for the Claymore Dagger Award and was published by Five Star Publishing. An earlier, non-series novel, Pilikia Is My Business, was nominated for a Shamus Award by the Private Eye Writers of America. I have published more than a dozen short stories and novellas in various magazines and anthologies. One of those stories, Teed Off, received an honorable mention in Otto Penzler and James Ellroy’s Best American Mystery Stories, 2001.

Questions Of Loyalty is represented by Beth Marshea of Ladderbird Literary Agency
(617) 276-2406

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