Hawaiian Noir

Murder Calls

My name is Ava Rome. I protect the defenseless.

Protecting the defenseless was once the law of the nation of Hawaii before annexation. Kamehameha The Great’s first law, the law of the splintered paddle, is still ingrained in the spirit of the islands and her people. It’s on my business card, right below “Licensed Private Investigator:” The defenseless shall be guaranteed protection from harm.

I despise the betrayal of trust by those who wear a badge. I spent ten years of my life in the military police, tracking down deserters and other people who disgrace their uniforms.

I’ve been an investigator in both the Army and civilian life long enough to know you can’t judge adulterers by their public images.

My Book, The Movie

I think every author dreams about seeing his or her characters come to life on the big screen. All of us have images in our heads of what our characters look like, sound like, and act like. It’s a part of writing, because, at its essence, writing fiction is a visual process. The story and characters are formed as images in our heads—images which we try to transfer to the reader’s head through the writing.

I confess to having those dreams. Often when watching television or a movie I find myself wondering if that actor or actress could fit in my stories. I know the chances are low that Hollywood will be calling about The Splintered Paddle, but it is still fun to imagine how it might be and who might play the parts. Marshall Zeringue gave me the chance to try out my fantasies in just that way in  the My Book, The Movie section of his Campaign For the American Reader. You can read my dreamcast of The Splintered Paddle here and tell me if you agree.

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