Hawaiian Noir

Murder Calls

Honolulu private eye, Val Lyon, has two things men want, a big gun and a sweet jump shot. Now somebody wants her dead.

Pilikia Is My Business

First Edition, LTDBooks, Ontario Canada, 2000. ISBN: 1553165330

First American Edition, Ilium Books, College Station, Texas, 2010 ISBN: 9780578069661

In ebook (Kindle, iBook, Nook and others) and paperback on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Pilikia means “trouble” in the Hawaiian language and pilikia is exactly what Val finds on the mean streets of Honolulu. What starts off as a simple assignment to find a missing young boy who is the object of a custody battle, turns into a fight for survival as death threats come in and bodies drop.

Val’s task pits her against a prominent feminist activist, a politically connected clergyman, and members of a powerful local family. The case takes Val from the canyons of downtown Honolulu to the leper colony of Molokai and back again with a killer dogging her footsteps the entire way.

Pilikia Is My Business was nominated for a Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel, 2001 by the Private Eye Writers of America.

Available in paperback or Kindle at Amazon.

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Game Face

First Edition, Ilium Books, College Station, TX, 2011. ISBN: 9780984808106

In ebook (Kindle, iBook, Nook and others) and paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Val Lyon puts her game face on in eight tales of murder, lust, revenge and cheating. No matter what the game, her opponent is Death and he always scores first.

Honolulu’s hottest private eye, Val Lyon, is smart, sexy and tough. She doesn’t back down from any opponent, even when the opponent is Death. Val drops from the sky and paddles a turbulent ocean. She mixes it up on the sand and the hardwood. She faces off against predator sharks and ferocious bulls, but the most fearsome opponents are the two-legged ones.

The games are afoot but not everyone plays by the rules. There is plenty of cheating., on the court and in the bed. But these cheaters never win because they are up against Val Lyon and she has her game face on.

Game Face is a collection of short stories, all but one of which were previously published elsewhere in magazines, ezines and anthologies. They are collected in this volume for the first time. One of the stories, “Teed Off,” was listed as one of the top fifty mystery stories by Otto Penzler and James Ellroy (editors) in Best American Mystery Stories, 2002. Another story, “Ripper,” is found only in this collection.

Game Face is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. 

The Game Face lineup with their publication history are listed below. The stories with active links can be purchased as individual ebook stories from Amazon. Simply click on the link.

Drop Dead Zone

Mystery Buff Magazine

February, 1998


 Wahine O Ka Hoe

Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine

Spring 1998

 Kill Leader

Plots With Guns



Home Wreckers

Nefarious—Tales of Mystery



The Big Dance With Death

FUTURES Mystery Anthology

June, 2001


Teed Off

Fedora, Private Eyes and Tough Guys, Michael Bracken (ed.)




The Thrilling Detective

Winter 2009



Game Face


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