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Murder Calls

Tua Tagovailoa plays the uke What could be more magical than the quarterback hero of ‘Bama’s win over Georgia playing the uke. He is from Ewa Beach on the west side of Oahu, went to St. Louis high School in Honolulu and is a freshman at the University of Alabama. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/Rc4vyj2eMNU

Time to get out the uke and practice. Christmas is around the corner. You’ve gotta know “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Get the tabs here: https://ukutabs.com/m/mariah-carey/all-i-want-for-christmas-is-you/                     If you need some traditional melodies, here is the Ukulele Christmas Songbook: http://www.ukuke.co.uk/Ukulele%20Christmas%20Song%20Book.pdf Let it Snow!  

A date that will live in infamy! Yesterday, December 7, 2017, we remembered Pearl Harbor and the more than 2,000 sailors and soldiers who died in the early morning attack. Some twenty survivors attended the ceremony at Pearl Harbor yesterday. In the aftermath of the attack, the islands were placed under martial law. The police …

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Who invented the ukulele? The ukulele is Hawaii’s iconic musical instrument, but the instrument itself did not originate in the Hawaiian islands nor was it invented by a Hawaiian. It is actually a development of a Portuguese stringed instrument, known as the machete or braguinha, a small guitar-like, four-stringed instrument. The machete was brought to …

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