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Kala Waterman ukeGot myself a Kala Waterman uke. We saw these in Maui Nix surf shop in Daytona last month and I had to have one. It’s made of acrylic and is ideal for taking to the beach, the lake, out in a canoe or a boat. Getting it wet won’t hurt it. Even though it is acrylic and not wood, this is not a toy. The sound is sweet and the notes clear.
Lanikai Pineapple uke
My other uke, which I’ve had for four years, is a hand-crafted Lanikai pineapple. The sides are made of eastern mahogany and the neck is rosewood. Like the Waterman, it is a soprano (GCEA tuning). The tone is more mellow than guitar-shaped ukes. The body has more volume than the Waterman, which gives if a slightly fuller sound than the Waterman.
At $49, the Kala Waterman is about half the price of the Lanikai, so it is a real bargain. The difference, of course, is the hand-crafting of the Lanikai. Regardless, one does not have to spend a lot of money for a quality ukulele. I can not tell you which one is more fun to play, though the Waterman is great for strumming while lying in the hammock.Wastin’ Away Again
I like the looks of both. I have always thought that pineapple shape makes for a great looking instrument and the clear, bright-colored Waterman is just cool looking. The Waterman, by the way, comes in a wide range of bright colors.
If you’re fretting (pun intended) about tax day, get yourself an uke and chill.

One thought on “Ukulele Wednesday, 4/18/2018

  1. What a great photo, Mark! Glad you’re making good use of retirement.

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