Hawaiian Noir

Murder Calls

Drum roll please: Here is the cover for Splintered Loyalty from Down & Out Books. The publication date is May 6, 2023.

I really like this cover because it contains a lot of the story elements. Most of the story is set in Hawai‘i and features Honolulu private eye Ava Rome, thus the Hawaiian flowers. Ava is hired to solve a cold case—the death of a Japanese-American Buddhist priest in an internment camp during World War II. The barbed wire symbolizes that part. At the time of his arrest, the priest was trying to solve the murder of a Japanese-American teenager on the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack. We see a Japanese warplane and a photo of Pearl Harbor from around that time. The story brings together past and present as shown in the use of color and black and white. Overall, I’m pleased with it.

This is the second novel in the Ava Rome series. The book will be available as an ebook and paperback.

One thought on “Cover Reveal: Splintered Loyalty

  1. Glad to see a new novel from you, Mark! I’m still writing.

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