Hawaiian Noir

Murder Calls

Sunset on 6/19/21

Sunset at Mokuleia 6/18/21

Yesterday was awesome. We got an early start because the kids were still on CDT. They were up at 5:30. Breakfast at Zippy’s. I had a Hawaiian breakfast—two fried eggs, Portuguese sausage, Spam, two scoops rice. Grandson had Korean chicken with fried rice and scrambled eggs, Granddaughter had french toast made with Hawaiian sweet bread. Someone else had waffles. Then it was off to the Windward side. We stopped at the Pali lookout, of course and then on to Kailua. We visited the old homestead and got to meet the new owners. He’s Navy, on assignment to Pearl. Owners over the years have done some nice renovations and landscaping. It was nice to see the house looking good. Then we headed to Kailua beach. Kailua beach is one of, if not the, best beaches in the world. I’ve been on beaches in California, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Florida, the Carolinas, and, of course Texas. None of them compare to Kailua. We had forgotten how beautiful it really is. Granddaughter spotted three turtles in the water.

Kailua Beach looking to Lanikai

After Kailua we headed to the North Shore. We made stops at Sunset Beach. The water was flat and glassy, because it’s summer, of course. After that, we went to Haliewa for shave ice. The line at Matsumoto’s was too long, so we went across the street to Aoki’s.Shave ice is shave ice. It was just as good, maybe better. After the shave ice, we went to Mokuleia, which is as far as you can go on the island. We got there in time for the sunset, saw five turtles feeding on the reef.

On the way back from Mokuleia, we stopped at a supermarket and loaded up on three varieties of poke and a tub of seaweed salad.

This morning we ran to Leonard’s Bakery and picked up two dozen malasadas. The line had already formed at 6:30. The wait was about 20 minutes. Heading out to Koko Head today.

Sunrise over the Ko’olau Mountains, 6/19/21. Kamehameha School is halfway up the mountain,

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