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Texas Author Bill Crider

Many of you are already acquainted with Bill Crider and his work. If you are not, you should be. Bill is a writer’s writer. He not only writes stories that are worth reading over and over for enjoyment and inspiration, but he is knowledgeable about nearly all aspects of genre fiction, especially mystery, western, science fiction, and horror. Bill is a contributor to many lists such as Rara-Avis He has been a fixture at many conventions, especially Bouchercon, Aggiecon, and many others. Most importantly, Bill has been a helpful and encouraging voice for beginning writers and a friend and advocate for established writers throughout the United States.

I first met Bill at a mystery workshop in Chicago about 1991 or 1992. He was a featured speaker and I was an unpublished nobody, but he was friendly, gracious and encouraging. At that time, I was a member of Brazos Writers and was on a committee to develop a writing workshop. I asked Bill if he would take part and he generously agreed, even though, as a small organization, we couldn’t offer much in remuneration.

Over the years, I encountered Bill at many conventions and communicated with him often by email. At Conmisterio in Austin, I shared a panel with Bill. The topic had to do with books and authors from our youth. I mentioned reading the Saint series by Leslie Charteris. Sometime later in the convention, Bill gave me a paperback of Saint stories he had found at a used bookstore that day and thought of me.

When The Splintered Paddle was published in 2014, Bill was kind enough to give me a pre-publication review it and write a blurb for it.

Those of you who have followed Bill’s blog, know that he is ill with cancer and has recently entered hospice care. For all of us who know him, it is truly sad news. There is not a kinder, gently, more knowledgeable person in the literary scene. On Friday, December 15, Patricia Abbott devoted a post of Friday’s Forgotten Books to Bill. Friends and followers of Bill contributed their thoughts and reviews of his work. You can read the testament to Bill here: https://pattinase.blogspot.com/2017/12/bill-crider-day-on-ffb-december-15-2017.html

Aloha Bill Crider!

Holiday Giveaway!


Christmas Book Tree

Yesterday, Mary Fran and I put up our tree, shown here. How many books make up the tree? If you think you know, send me an email at mark@marktroyauthor.com. The person who comes closest will receive an audiobook (Audible) of The Splintered Paddle. Send your guess by midnight, Thursday, December 21. I will make the announcement on December 22. You can be over or under. Closest wins. Hint: The stack has 39 levels.

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